How Would You Plan A Story?


So I have tried to make my own story several times and I was wondering, how do you plan the plot of your story?

Do you write out a script for the whole story beforehand or do you just make it up as you make the story?


I like to get all my ideas down on paper or on a document or notepad app or something, just so I have everything there. I add to it when I get new ideas and I find it helps a lot. I do rough plans of a few of my episodes, so I have something to go off, but I usually just make it up as I write. I pull random inspiration from everything, so I write all that down too so I don’t forget it. I, also, find it helpful to roughly plan out my characters, so that they are consistent. Hope this helps :blush:


I just start typing and hope for the best


Oh ok that’s interesting. So you don’t write out a full script or anything do you? Because I tried to do that but it takes a lot time and effort.



I should also give it a try :blush:.



No, I can’t be bothered tbh :joy: I just roughly plan a few main ideas or things I want in the episode and go off of that.


Ok thanks. And suddenly everything seems easier :grin:…


Lol! But seriously though… When I get an idea for a story, even if it’s just a scene or a story title, I create it straight away before I forget. And when I finish writing that idea down and I get stuck I always ask myself what would I do if that happened to me…? because that’s how I fit in choices and that’s how I get my plot flowing


Ooo, I might start doing that with my choices too. Great idea :smile:


Thank you :hibiscus:.



I’m writing my firt story and I have a notebook for it :joy: I planned my story from the beginning to the very end but not too much in detail so I have some space for inspiration :slight_smile: and whenever I have an idea on a scene or something I write it down :blush:


I plan out the basic plot of my story—i.e. how it starts, how it ends, and any major events in between—but I leave the rest to my imagination as I go along. I used to keep a notebook for it, but as of late, I’ve started enjoying planning it all my head.


Thank you that’s very helpful :blossom:.


Thanks, writing down the major events will definitely be really effective and less time consuming for me than planning a whole script like I tried to do previously :rose:.


Yeah, you should definitely try it out! It worked much better for me, too! :revolving_hearts:


Not gonna lie I literally thought of my story and the outline of it in the bath tub. Then went out and scribbled a rough outline and started