How would you prefer to gather and use clues?

  • Clue bar stays at the top of the screen with the clues in ready to use. (This will mean you can’t see the part of the screen where the clue bar is)
  • Drop down menu being able to click an arrow which will make the bar show up (only when you want, and then being allowed to click an arrow to close it again while you explore the rooms for items.
  • No clue bar it should atomically use the object needed without the reader clicking on it.

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So I’m creating a escape game where you are trapped in an abandoned hospital and need to escape. You have to collect objects to help you eg you can’t undo the bolts on the door with out a screwdriver, which you can’t get until you find another object to help you get it etc.
When you get an object it will go into the clue bar and you will carry it until you use it snd it is no longer needed. When you try to use the object you have to select the right object to use it or it won’t let you use it i.e the Narrator will say “that won’t work.”

So I was wondering which you would prefer
You can also vote for it to automatically use the object when you click the object needed

Eg. If you have found the screwdriver and then click on the door if will automatically use the screwdriver without you needing to click it in the clue bar. (Personaly I think it ruins the fun lol)

If anyone has any questions please feel free to leave them below.

:yum::joy: Didn’t mean to vote on my own poll

this sounds dope! let me know when you publish! do you have IG?

I don’t sorry :frowning:

Currently this is an experiment so it may take a while.

Do you think I should have a story with it too?
At the moment I haven’t got any characters (due to it currently being experimented with.)

But I don’t know wether to give it a short story line?

It would be cool to have a storyline then you can make sequels that are linked together with the same characters if you want —but! i think no storyline and just a game would also be cool bc i’ve never seen anyone else on episode do that. it can work either way, i like both ideas. and you should make an IG and then you can promote it more once you get it published (if you do and i hope you do!:crossed_fingers:t5:)

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ll get the escape game working first and then see if I can add a story line. (I think doing the game first would make it easier as it could become quite complicated doing both at the same time. But doing the game first and then adding the story would make it more simple for me.)

I’ll have a think about instagram and keep you updated :slight_smile:

This sounds like it is going to be really good. Let me know when its out so I can read it. :slight_smile: