How would you prefer your MC?

Here’s a random question, how do you prefer you MCs??

Sassy or Shy?

I prefer mine sassy as there’s too many shy MC on the platform, but that’s just my opinion…what’s yours?



I think some authors do an amazing job of making the MC sassy but without the bitchie attitude?

I prefer MCs with more nuanced, three-dimensional personalities, so they wouldn’t fall neatly under one category or the other. If I had to choose one, I’d go for sassy, since it’s more entertaining to read if well-written.


I fully agree with you on that one.

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If it’s out of those two options, sassy all the way

none. i dont want to label my mc

not incredibly shy and boring

Sassy! 100% It introduces characters with more ease as negative altercations are not rare and previews an exaggerated realistic portrayal of what occurs inside the average person’s thoughts in response to the event. Overall, a character with sass is easy to blend in any genre as their responses could be humorous (comedy), threatening (action), or etc.

I would say either or. As long as they don’t take the personalities over the top and too cliche I will like either one.

I say both…
Like the type that goes

(Omg, My heart is racing) whenever their love interest kisses them

And also a bit of

I ate the last biscuit on purpose and it’s not like you needed it mister I ate 2 chocolate cakes on my girlfriends birthday… (Whenever the Love interest is trying to be funny/mean/sassy back)

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A balanced mix of both, but if I had to choose just one, I’d pick shy since that’s what I can relate to the most. However, I wouldn’t want the MC to be weak or extremely codependent just because they were shy as well.
I see a lot of people associating shy with something bad and it really gets to me because I’ve always been very shy myself. And just because you’re shy, doesn’t mean you’re weak.

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