How would you start your first episode of your story? 🤔

So, lately I keep telling myself that my first episode isn’t good enough and I keep on changing it! What’s wrong with meh jeez; I can never make up my mind. For example, right now guess what I’m doing! :joy: I using a google docs to rewrite THE SAME EPISODE :sneezing_face: So, with that being said when you first wrote you episode story what did you have to do first before you started writing? I need help with how to structure it as well as what to start off on. Like, will happen in scenes, or just dialogue, or…its driving me mad, but then I come up with these cool ideas and it never stops :joy: so whats your advice and how would you start your first episode???


  • Should I just continue the first episode of the story?
  • Should I rewrite the first episode?
  • Should I rewrite the first episode and compare the one I have now and see which is better?

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Dear Lord, your just like me :joy:. Do you have a link? What’s your story about?


Haha, for real I’ve been changing and adding non stop and I’m a bit embarrassed to show it :sweat_smile: but I need all the help I could get! Literally :joy: Can I pm you it?


Yeah. :smile:


Okey, I’ll send it now! :grin:


It’s just a suggestion, but I personally hate when a story begins with a flashback or snippet of the future.
I suggest just getting into it or building some tension.


Thxs for the advice! I just need help structuring episodes :persevere:

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Does anyone have a template I could use to help meh! :sob:


Mmm I don’t but if you want to pm me what you want to happen in the first episode I could try and help

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I could make one for you or a simple guide! Just like what the other, person uhm, said. It better to just get into it then have a flashback of the future, But in my own words, I guess i’ll just get into it and introduce the characters in not some narration xD. And see how they interact with the characters

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As for the planning stage, I have absolutely no idea. I write like a dandelion seed blown from the stalk. Carried by the whims of the fickle tuft of feather-like inspiration carrying me along, sailing through the winds at a speed that I can’t control… eventually drifting to land SPLAT on the pavement and get stuck to a car tire. :woman_shrugging:

As for the beginning episode, idk either lol, beginnings have always come naturally to me. All I know is that it has to combine introduction with intrigue, perfectly balanced. Not so much intrigue that I don’t know what the heck is going on, but not so much introduction that I get bored.

A book I read once said to start a story with a scene that gets readers asking a question in their minds (a question that is not “what the hell is she doing?”). Like have them walking, “where are they going?” or mid-conversation, “what are they talking about?” or in a fight, “why are they fighting?”


Well I could pm you what I have now? :sweat_smile:

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Sure go ahead!

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Everyone has there own way of starting there first episode story. But for me on both my stories, I have a tappable intro. So the reader understands the plot a bit more than just reading the description.
Also I love tappable choices I think they are awesome. In my first story Its about a abusive mother So i show In my eyes what a mum would look like, and then I show what the abusive mum is like.
On the second story I put a massive choice in the first episode, It impacts the story loads.
I feel that both are good but it took me ages to get them good for both.
iF you like I can help you with the start of yours?


The best and easy way to start the first episode is to start with a little glance in the future. Then do the crazy flashback about what happened to MC to go in the mess. In the flashback, introduce the MC (optional) and the other characters and continue the flashback for about 7-8 episodes. Then, continue the flashback to the present and you’ll have the ending.

Also add the future of the MC with his/her girlfriend/boyfriend/fiancee etc if there are love interest

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I am hoplesly unorganized. I am not able to write some structure of whole story nor or an episode… So I am probably the worstperson to give advice. :grin:

True is1 chapter is most iportant…this decides if the reader will give the story a chance.

  1. reader must get interested in the plot wanting to know more…some twists and clifhanger on the end of this chapter are esential in my openion.

2)reader must understand what is going on, who is who… So despite of the need of the twists the story should not be too rush… Or the reader will be confused.

3)great dialogues and characters…

  1. minimum of narrators… Thay slow down the story and reader might get bored

5)CC…There are readers who do not read if not given possibility to customize the characters. Lot of beggining authors do not give the option… It is not a must some readers do not mind… But why to loose as beggining author the one who want customize?

6)meaningfull choices… The same as cc… Some readers do not like stories without choices. The choices also help reader to more conect eith MC and the story itself.

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Omg I actually hate stories which show me future! It is such spoiler often! Like I see she will have in future dramatic relationship and than the story jumps to past where she havent met him yet… Like the whole story in first chapter… I do not read more because I am pissed off the author took me away the moment of surprise and finding out…:crazy_face::wink::roll_eyes::face_with_monocle::smirk::laughing:


I have chaged my first episode many times. I just corrected the grammar and moved on to the next episode. Or I would never do anything.

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