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So in my story I’m currently coding an important scene. while I’ve not actually reached this episode yet I need it reviewing to see if it would be acceptable because if not then it will mean I have to change some aspects of the story.

basically there is a scene in my episode where one of the characters is telling the MC about an important back story of her life which would take a few minutes to read depending on how quickly the reader can read. The back story is very important to the plot and I don’t think I could shorten it (is 5 minutes too long?)
Anyway I was wondering how you guys would code this…

option 1: Convocation between 2 characters (this would use quite a lot of repetitive animations due to trying the character being sad)

option 2: Starts off with the 2 characters talking but then keeps fading back and fourth into flashbacks showing short major scenes (narration bubble with characters name used when in the flashback to carry on the conversation between characters)

option 3: Starts with the 2 characters talking but then goes into the flashback until the backstory has been explained. (narration bubble with characters name used when in the flashback to carry on the conversation between characters)

All 3 will use the same wording (narration) but obviously 3 and 4 would be showing the backflash while the two characters are talking meaning the characters shown would be mute

  • option 1
  • option 2
  • option 3

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If you think I should use flashbacks should they be:

  • black and white
  • full colour

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Thanks for this topic!!!
Because I had the same trouble in my latest story!!
I think I know, now, what I am going to do in my story… :thinking:

Love A-W

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Hey :slight_smile: hope it helped ha ha ha. Honestly this is stressful because

  1. I need to make sure that episode would approve of this due to the importance of this scene

  2. I can’t even ask anyone to review or give feedback on it because it is basically a massive spoiler of the story :woman_facepalming:t2:

Funny thing is this backstory wasn’t even supposed to be a part of the story but by flook I noticed something I did to one of the characters and though “OMG I wouldn’t have thought about that” so I know that it will shock the reader.


That’s funny…
Because… during writing on my story…
I had the same thing… :joy:
I found a backstory that makes the main story more shocking…
:wink: :rofl: :rofl:
So, I gave to less important characters a more main role in the story… :grin:
Now, my story has much more drama… :scream:

Love A-W


Same here :joy: it’s good as it give it more drama but a pain the the ass because now it means I have to incorporate that event into my story and now it plays a massive part in the story.

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Hi just had thought, do you think it would work if I allowed the reader to decide if they want it in colour or black and white :thinking: or would that take the power out of the scene? It is quite an emotional and dark backstory

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During the flashback I shouldn’t give that choice…
Because than that could take the power out of the scene…
I actually should do it black and white if it’s really drama, emotional and dark… :wink:

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