How would your character react?


This is not an original idea of mine, I got it from other forums I used to visit years ago.

I think I am not the only one who likes to imagine their characters in random situations, trying to decipher how they would react. Well, this is the game for you to let your imagination loose.

The dynamics are quite simple: You will be asked how your character would react to a certain situation, and you will proceed to either describe their reaction or to write an RP-like post in which the character is in that situation. The more descriptive you are, the better.

I’ll ask the first question: How would your character react if they found out they had an stalker?

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depend on what kind

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Just pick a kind then.

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I guess I’ll answer this one?
Isiah (Apocalyptic) would roll his eyes and say something about how they were so annoying and ridiculous, but internally be a bit scared and try to cling to people without them realizing it.

What would your character do if they were being haunted by a vengeful spirit?


Lizzy would laugh thinking it’s a prank and then realize it isn’t and start panicking an unnecessary amount.

What would your character do if they got cheated on?

Kai would be shattered and broken until he ate some icecream

What would your character do if thier significant other or family member died?

Christopher from HAVS

I’m gonna write a scene since I miss writing my son.

This wasn’t how it was supposed to happen, she wasn’t supposed to die, and even if she was, she wasn’t supposed to die before Christopher did. The thought had never crossed his mind, but here he was, trying to assimilate the truth. Solfrid was dead, and he wasn’t. At least, not physically. Solfrid, his Solfrid, the one person who had taught him how to care, how to seize what he was given, how to live, was dead. Saying he was in shock would be an understatement, he was being ripped apart from the inside.

He could still recall the way her cousin had delivered the news, the was he had choked before he could finish the sentence, but the sentence didn’t have to finish for Chris to know what had happened, and he collapsed to his feet as the bearer of the news walked away slowly. Ever since that moment he had yelled to the point where he had no voice, he had punched the floor until his knuckles were bloodied, but no tears had come out of his eyes. That only worsened the situation, he couldn’t even mourn the love of his life as she deserved, he could only be angry at the world and the nine realms.

And that anger overpowered him, after getting tired of hitting the floor to no avail, he walked up to his armour, he needed to destroy something, he needed the world to be as broken as he felt inside, and so he did. He took his anger out in everything around him, in everything that was in the mansion where he only lived happily with Solfrid. The furniture she had chosen, the places they had destroyed and built again a thousand times, the photographs she collected, every gift, big and small, nothing could escape the path of destruction he was creating, and it wasn’t long until the house itself was reduced to a pile of debris.

That was, at least until something in his mind clicked. It was all her cousin’s fault. If Sam hadn’t called her back to their realm, if she hadn’t gone to aid her cousin, then maybe she would still be alive. It was all Sam’s fault. And he was going to make him suffer at least as much as he was suffering right now, but he had already began planning how to make him suffer even more.

With this in mind, a smile spread across his face, and that’s how he took off, ready to find Sam and get his revenge.

How would your character react if their best friend or significant other betrayed them?


would leave them and yeah make them feel GUILTY

Don’t forget to ask a question next, please

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Since no one asked a question:

What would your character do in shark infested water

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oh sorry

Lenore of Blackwell would attack the sharks with something from her survival kit.

What would your character do if they fell in love with someone who didn’t feel the same?

Katarina would remind herself that love is for purposeless fools and that nothing comes before her duty. Then she would ignore her feelings and encourage the one she loves to live a good life with someone else.

What would your character do if they were alone on a desert island with no way off?

Eirene would probably have a breakdown. She would have absolutely no idea of how to survive on her own, and after a while she would make no efforts to keep herself alive.

How would your character react if they were framed for murder?

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My character would snatch the framer’s weave.

How would you character react if he/she is in jail for no reason?

Bianca would initially react by being frustrated and she’d make sarcastic comments in order to seem tough, but actually she is extremely worried and afraid.
Nonetheless, she would succesfully maintain her cynical attitude even in a situation like that.

How would your character react if they found out a person they care about is actually evil?

Ava is amoral, she is who she needs to be when she needs to be it, she’d say “Good and evil is for Disney cartoons, babe. If you’re not screwing someone, you’re getting screwed.” Then she’d steal your wallet.

What would your character do if they found a gold money clip, with a name engraved on it, full of cash on a sidewalk?

Merthiel from Fairytale-d

Merthiel would usually just run with the cash, and leave the clip behind XD

What would your character do if he/she hears someone is backbiting her?

Roxy would ruin their little lives

What would your character do if they had no wifi for 24 hours straight?