How would your character react?

Hans (Fairytale~d) would brush it off as a minor inconvenience, but by the end of the day he will be unable to stop thinking about what he needs to do but cannot.

What would your character do if they had a chance to change or heal one part of their body?

Okay, let me take Anastasia the Seer

I think she would just let the chance slip away. It’s not her eyes that can see the future either way. XD (I really don’t have an idea, she’s mysterious)

What would your character do if an asteroid is coming to Earth?

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Tiger Lily would use her divine superpowers to make the asteroid go somewhere else.

What would your character do if they were stuck in a cabin with no books, Internet, or cell phones for a week?

My character would die out of boredom.

What would you character react if he/she in locked jn a cell for no reason?

Matthew would loose his mind thinking if he should blow the room up to escape and subject himself to be a weapon for either America or ISIS Or to stay there being bored for no reason.

What would your character was in a trial to kill him because of being a nuclear danger triggered easily?

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