How you plan a story


heyy all

im pretty new to writing and i was wondering how you all go about planning your story?

i have no issue with thinking of a starting point but struggle to figure out where to go from there, plus im always really paranoid that it is going to sound like someone else’s story

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So I usually write down my thoughts on paper - so what I do is write my starting point and sometimes I space out lol which helps me branch more ideas from that. Music and poetry (usually my own lmao) helps me get inspired


I love seeing this question on the forums because my answer is always the same disappointing thing:

How do I plan my stories?
I don’t :woman_shrugging: I just wing it lol


I usually start by planning out my first five chapters and creating portfolios for my characters in those chapters - it takes a while but I feel once all that is set out writing isn’t as hard

And if I’m writing my story and I begin to feel like something is wrong it usually means it is so go with your instinct and write something you’re genuinely inspired to write


thanks :slight_smile:
ive started by figuring out roughly deciding how many episodes i want to do, obviously if i either run out of ideas or get a sudden onset of a few really good ones then it will change.
i think im just worried it wont be very good :laughing:


Be confident in your writing! Even it it doesn’t get the reaction you’d hoped for you can improve and adjust


I just write and see where it’ll go. I usually have a plan in my head but like to see where it’ll go. If I have an idea I’ll write it down and figure out how to add it in.
I always keep a document for continuity so I know what’s happened as for character profiles. I like to make sure that if a character says they have a background that background is always the same and theres no contradicting information


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No problem :grinning:


normally id plan out the characters:

who they are:
their perpose

then for the actual chapters id do:
chapter 1:
some points of what happens

hope this helps


it does thank you :slight_smile:


youre welcome then! :v:


Use! It is so helpful!


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Grab a pen and paper, tell my brain to give me ideas and then boom pachow I start. First I think of my plot then I go with the characters and etc


I got my story idea in the bath tub and i literally though of the whole story line in 15 mins then i got out and scribbled everything down




OMG me me me as well


I am shook. Legit in the bath tub and these ideas just came to me.