How young is too young for electronics?

Hello there! It’s been a while since I created a topic, I created this topic in other to get other people’s opinions. Feel free to share :blob_sun:

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So I was wondering, what age do you guys think it’s ok to give a child their first electronic device?

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I think ages 8-9 is good enough.

And also, I was wondering if you guys can give me feedback on what you guys think, is it okay for parents to just hand their phones to their little kids when they start crying? I personally think that it is just bad parenting, I understand people may have different points of view on this but please respect other people’s opinions.

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Today’s time aren’t like times back in the early days. So, I don’t think any kid is too young to have a phone. Of course, I think kids younger than 15 should be restricted from certain things on a phone. But, with times being how they are now. I think it’s appropriate to give a 6 year old a phone. (Preferably a track phone) to start out with.


My sister is 3 and has a tablet, no problem.

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I know what you mean, I got my first phone when I was six, it was a flip phone. :joy:

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Define “electronic device”. Personally I feel like 5 years old is too young for a proper iPad yet the primary school I went to now has them in classrooms as a learning device so 5 year olds are using them :flushed:


I guess I mean like a phone or an iPad where they get distracted and spend almost all day on it and when it dies they get mad. So like at home.

Well i just picked the age i had. Also that was in 2001. I got my first pc

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I’m not giving my future children a phone until they’re 13. Unless they gonna pay rent :slightly_smiling_face:

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i’ll give my child (if i want one) a phone in 6th grade which is american school system age for 11-12.

tablet/ipad? i’m not sure, maybe 3rd grade?

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i picked 9 , but i mean like an actual phone for them only , id let them use a family iPad, tablet or an older sibling’s device for the time being , but when they get to that age , id say they deserve their own device :woman_shrugging:t4:




Well I’m not a parent, but I think it’s fine for toddlers to have their devices they can have educational benefits if you utilize them correctly. They just can’t be on them for long periods of time. And you really have to monitor them especially on places like youtube. Oh my gosh especially youtube! :persevere:

When I was in the first grade I started using the computer all on my own and honestly, it really benefited me as I became very computer savvy at a young age. Classes like computer, math and social studies became a breeze for me as I got a bit older since I could use the internet to my advantage. So speaking from experience I think while there’re disadvantages there’re advantages as well


It depends on the device.

A Cell phone -
12yrs (after explaining rules and safety, and if they display regular responsible behavior)
A Laptop -
12yrs (after explaining rules & safety and if they display regular responsible behavior)
A tablet -
2yrs (with educational games and internet/site blocks is toddler-friendly to me)
A video game console -
8/9 (with messaging and cam and game rating restrictions in place)


Agreed and I am a parent.

Many tablets have ways for you to block internet access and require passwords to download or access anything . They even make “toddler versions” of ipads that already have amazing educational games installed.


Damn** you’re strict :laughing:


Not really…
I just like my kids to be safe. So, yeah… I guess I would consider myself a “protective” parent, but no… not strict.

At least not compared to my parents! lol


My kids got all tablet and phone at age 5.
They got their own computer at age 9.

I believe internet teaches them, especially YouTube, good and bad.

My boys watch mostly English channels and I’m more than happy they are almost as good as native, and yet the youngest is only 8.

Not only they learn language, they also learn other stuff, which parents, in this stressful millennium, don’t have time to teach them.

Yeah, granny makes them scared. :laughing: But that’s a good scare. There were always monsters in folklore, with which all kids grow up, and granny is the modern version. (there are others too.)

As for sex on internet, even that’s educational. When we were young we found dirty magazines and got videos tapes under our parents clothes in their wardrobe. That didn’t spoil us. But, today, kids have so much more interesting stuff to search for on Internet or YouTube, they don’t look for sex, but for things their friends like them.

Well my youngest boy (8) searches many time on Youtube for sexy males. Is it bad that I let him explore his own sexuality, while Brangelina allows Shiloh to even dress as male. My kid doesn’t have those wishes, true. But in this times we’re all open and nonjudgeble, so am I. :heart: Let them live this century. :heart:



I’m not here to question your parenting or be convinced or how I should parent. And I’m not really comfortable talking about my kids or my parenting skills on here.

I just came to answer the question :woman_shrugging:

Could we just stick to the toopic without making it so personal, please?


It wasn’t meant to be :heart::heart:

Sent you a question on Instagram. :see_no_evil: