How Your Genre Determines Ranking

I was curious and switched the genre for my story Perfectly Aligned to see how the rankings would change depending on the genre. At the time I have 20 reads and my story was published on the 2nd of October.

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I only kept the change long enough to take a screenshot of the results so I don’t think it effected my reads (in fact I’m still at 20) and the only one that actually ended up in the top 100 was #54 for Horror.
I found it fascinating! For one it shows how (easy??) much more likely it is to get a story in trending for sections like horror, thriller, comedy, and adventure, but it also shows how difficult trending in romance and drama is. Fantasy is another one though that I was ranked high in (in terms of the actual number) which was something I was a bit surprised about.
Do these results surprise you?


I tried it once when my story was ranked 30 something in Comedy. I thought it would be the best time to check it out since I was getting reads anyways. I changed the genre to Drama for a day and I was ranked between 90-150, then I changed it to Romance and my story was in the #200 category. I tracked my reads and I actually received more in Drama than in Comedy, but I’m not sure it has anything to do with the fact I changed the genre.

I genuinely think that even though you can trend higher in certain genres, it won’t affect the reads you get, unless you are in the top 10-20 category. Readers won’t scroll over 100 stories, so it doesn’t really matter if you are ranked #100 or #500. However, I understand why some popular romance stories are put into other genres, because yes, being #2 in Comedy is probably better than being #50 in Romance. This is just an example, the numbers are fictional. I just find it unfair, because they are taking the spot away from authors who actually write stories that fit the genre. And I find it annoying too, because when I want to read something in a specific genre, I barely can find what I’m looking for.


That checks out. Thriller semi surprises me, but overall that’s what I would have expected haha.

How I do wish that people seeing this would be inspired to write actual horror stories though… Instead it just inspires them to put their existing drama and romance stories in that genre :unamused:


I agree! Really I just did this because I was curious :see_no_evil::joy:. But I do agree that different genres yield different results. I mean right now the top story in romance has 13.6 million reads and the top in action has 34.1 thousand

This is an excellent point. Most people aren’t going to scroll through all 100 stories (unless they’re really really bored :joy:).


I know! I mean the fact that people could (theoretically) write a story and get 20+ reads in a few days and possibly end up in trending would be enough to make me want to actually write a story that fits the genre. Not to mention the fact it might even do better because it would fit.


Actually I like to scroll as long as I can because the first is almost always the same. longer up in the list is new stories.


Guilty of this

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I scroll through all 100 because I’ve got to filter through my teacher/I’m a nerd/mafia/pregnant by/etc stories :joy::joy: it gets ridiculously hard to find a good story without the plots I mentioned :sweat_smile:

And the genres are very jumbled it up it seems like :woman_facepalming:t3:


I used to scroll 100+ stories but I don’t anymore, I really lost hope at this point and I only read stories that I find through Instagram :woman_facepalming:t2: Episode should do something about this, it’s harming both readers and writers, it’s really frustrating if I want to read something specific but I only find romance stories, especially because I’m not a big fan of romance to begin with


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It’s all the abuse stories or did you think it would be harder to trend in?

I’m surprised that action seems harder to trend in than comedy. I guess it’s all the gang stories, but I thought comedy was filled with romance.

No, I thought it would have been easier lol

It’s flooded with abuse stories- teacher, boyfriend, husband, parents (until Oct 10th)… take your pick lol.