Howcome my character wonnt appear?

Why wonnt my charcter appear on line 2259? I want him to already be there once the scene changes (I will be adding others also)

You misspelled your character’s name the second time, and “starts” needs to be all lower case.

Oh whoops thank you. If I want to add in several characters would I add them in the same line with “AND” ?

You can but for a more organized look, I like to add characters like this (using the & sign)

&CHAR1 [spot] and CHAR1 faces left/right and CHAR1 is [animation]
&CHAR2 [spot] and CHAR2 faces left/right and CHAR2 is [animation]
&CHAR3 [spot] and CHAR3 faces left/right and CHAR3 is [animation]

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Thank you, I was thinking of using that but wasn’t sure.