HOWTO: become an Episode author

Hello, all you wonderful beings reading this! I am Betty and this thread is more meant for people who have never published a story and want to become an Episode author. Firstly what means an author.
Author is a writer of a book, article, or document. You can call yourself Episode writer as well. It doesn’t have much difference. So to become an author you need to publish a story. To publish a story there’s many steps and I will go through all of them. Firstly:
finding story idea/plot.
Story idea is the one of the most important. It needs to be original and unique. Some cliches are liked by many people but some cliches are pretty much hated. I suggest you to come up with something original. Story ideas can come from anything. Listening to music, watching a movie, cooking etc. Pretty much from anything. You need to develop story idea to story plot. Story idea is basically MC and her/his friends start becoming spies for a fashion company (Don’t mind it. Just came up it for example :)) ) Story plot is what happens in story. Like story planning story plot is MC and her/his friends go to supermarket. There’s Molly. They all become spies(an so on). Story idea is just something that comes to your head. Story plot is something what you can actually turn into story.
helpful video:

So you have amazing plot you are 100% sure that people are gonna enjoy. Then you should start with the hardest part:
coding your story
Coding can be hard, time taking but at the end it will pay it’s price. Coding is hard for beginners but don’t worry after a small/big (depends on a person) amount of time you will become good at it. Best resource for coding help is forums. But if you don’t need help and you are 100% beginner? Then I suggest you an amazing youtuber Joseph Evans He has coding tutorials for all 3 styles and they are extreamly helpful. Another good coding youtuber is MaryDSava. She has more advanced coding/mini games there. She also has an patreon where she has more tutorials which are very awesome, I can speak from experince but I decided to stop supporting her there because I didn’t have time for Episode.

But before you can start coding you have to choose between 3 very important options.
Limelight, INK or Classic?
Limelight, INK and Classic are three episode art styles. Classic oldest and Limelight newest. Through all of the polls people have asked it has been seen that Limelight is the most popular and Classic is the least popular. Limelight also gets updated every week with new stuff so if your asking for my opinion (which you aren’t) I would choose Limelight.
So you have written an amazing story? What now? Well, every story should have a:
Covers for story
What are covers? Here’s a few examples:

only one example lol
There’s a lot of artists in forums who can do your cover. But you want realistlic, perfect cover? Well I suggest you commissions. But you want for free? Sadly I think that’s impossible if you don’t win a giveaway or something like that. Best places to find a cover artist :
The Complete List of Everything - Updated! {Art Shops, Reviewers + More!} - #85 by shawtyisamelody
Official List of Artists who do Commissions! (2020)! - #3 by Madhu
Also Joseph Evans has an tutorial:
HOW TO MAKE A COVER | Episode Tutorial - YouTube
Now you have an amazing story with amazing cover ready to be published?
What to do before publishing?
I suggest you to find proofreaders. Proofreaders are people who read your story so there won’t be any grammar errors. Also play your story MANY MANY times so there also won’t be any errors.
Now you have an amazing story what has amazing cover and is perfectly read? I suggest you
Finally publishing an story (+ tutorial for more readers)
After hard work you published a story but there’s no reads? I suggest promoting your story in Instagram, forums etc. Post sneak peaks in Instagram and do R4Rs in forums.There’s also lot’s of story review threads where you can post your story to be reviewed. Here’s some videos that can help:
I really hope this thread helps. Good luck with your stories and remember DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHER AUTHORS!

some helpful videos:



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