🌙 HOWTO: Make a night version of backgrounds!

Hi Episodians! In this art lesson I’ll be teaching you guys how to transform day backgrounds into night ones. This is a follow-up to my first art tutorial Custom Polaroid Photos :blush:

This tutorial will exclusively be using paint.net, a free editing program which I really recommend for beginners. You can still follow this tutorial using any other program!

You will need: :paperclip:

  • A day/morning wallpaper
  • Any editing program.

Step 1: Copy the background’s image and paste it.
Make sure the canvas size is is the same size as the image!

Step 2: Duplicate the layer.

Click on the icon show above to duplicate the layer, then double click on the new layer and rename it to “Background #2” as shown above.

Step 3: Turn off layer 3’s visibility and select the first layer called 'Background’


Click on the new layer’s checkbox to turn off it’s visibility, then select the original layer called “Background” by clicking on it.

Step 4: On the top left of the screen, click on Adjustments > Hue / Saturation


Turn the sliders into the following then click ‘OK’.

Step 5: From the toolbar, select the ‘Gradient’ tool then expand the colors section on the bottom right.

Make sure the color on top is slightly dark blue and the second color beneath it is much darker.

Step 6: Select layer ‘Background #2’, then lick on the window & drag towards the bed.

We’re adding lighting to the room, so it must start from the window and get darker as it spreads towards the rest of the room. This will cover the entire background but don’t worry! Make sure the layer ‘Background #2’ is selected.

Step 7: Double click on ‘Background #2’ and change the following:

Now we should blend the blue lighting with the background, change the mode to ‘Overlay’ and the opacity to ‘140’.

And You’re done! But want to make it look even better?

You can enhance the background by adding some lighting. If you’re interested keep going!

Create a new layer by clicking on this icon and place it between the two existing layers. Double click on the layer and rename it to ‘Light’.


After renaming it, change the mode to ‘Overlay’ and opacity to ‘150’.

Click on the brush tool, and change the width and hardness to the following. Make sure the color on top is white.

Draw some lightnings across the bed, and the floor near the window as that’s the main light source.

Adding a few light flares and this is the final result!


Let me know if you have any questions. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Feel free to follow my Instagram for more: @Episode.Rocky :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


If you guys have any suggestions/requests for my next tutorial drop some ideas! :disco:


bookmarking this!! thanks for the tutorial!


Thank you very much for this :blush:

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