Howww........i need help

Hey, I have some questions
First, how could the figure sit and eat and not stand or be on the phone?
How can you turn the direction of the car
And I saw in the story my teacher my gangster, that the character Jeremy was driving on the motorcycle how to do a character go along with the motorcycle or the car
Why do not have all the hair style and clothes I read For example a perfect peach
And there are no limelight sports shoes
And I need a knife in the story props

I’m guessing you are working in LIMELIGHT since you mentioned the shoes.

  1. There is no sitting and eating animation. What most authors do is spot direct the character so that it appears to be sitting by being lower on the screen.
  2. The most you can do is rotate it on its axis point, but this won’t really flip your car the opposite direction like I think you want. To do that you’ll have to either find another overlay or use an editing program to flip the image.
  3. They timed the overlay to shift and character to walk at the same rate. For example:
    EXT. BACKGROUND - DAY with BIKE to 1.000 100 90
    @CHARACTER spot 1.280 100 100
    &CHARACTER walks to spot 1.280 200 100 in 5
    @overlay BIKE shifts to 200 90 in 5
  4. Some outfits, animations, and hair styles are exclusive to featured stories, therefore no one else can use them.
  5. You can make a thread (using the proper guidelines) to suggest adding sport shoes to LIMELIGHT.
  6. There is no knife prop. What you’ll have to do is add a knife overlay and position it where you want it, such as near the character’s hand.

Thank you very much and what it is using the proper guidelines

Basically how to set-up the suggestion. The pinned thread for that category will explain how to set up a thread.

Purple_Ghost pretty much said it already so I’m just going to answer the third question.

How can you turn the direction of the car?

With the assumption that with this you mean facing the car overlays to left instead of right(?) you can do so with a bit of spot directing and overlay animations.

  1. Put the overlay into the scene like normal - after the background title.
  2. Use overlay animation commands to give the overlay a negative second position, aka turning it upside down - and then rotate it 180°.
  3. Locate the overlay and replace it where you want it. And shift the overlay to the new coordinates with overlay commands.

&overlay CAR SIDE PURPLE scales to 0.794 -0.794 in 0
&overlay CAR SIDE PURPLE rotates 180 anchor point 0 0 in 0
&overlay CAR SIDE PURPLE shifts to 345 -2 in 0

Note, if you flip a car you can’t use the looping backgrounds, as they no longer move with the car.


Thanks I have another question how to put the figure to sleep straight

Considering the bed’s seen mostly seen straght from the front, and as of now there’s no way to rotate a character - except upside down - I’d recommend you use the sitting sleeping animation. There’s one both for INK and for LL. Maybe add an overlay blanket a top to hide the fact the characters’s actually sitting.

ex. LL
&cut to zone 2
&CHARACTER spot 0.859 291 194 in zone 2 AND CHARACTER is sleep_sit_neutral_loop

ex INK
&cut to zone 2
&CHARACTER spot 0.859 291 194 in zone 2 AND CHARACTER is sleep_sitting


thanks :grinning:

Happy to help.


Hey how to put overlaye after a few seconds and not appear in the background

@overlay OVERLAY create
@overlay OVERLAY shifts to …
@overlay OVERLAY scales to …
@overlay OVERLAY opacity 1

And I do not have to add it in the background
How can the characters go together?

No, you don’t have to add it to the background. These are commands for creating overlays in the scene.
And do you mean how they can walk together?

Lol Yes sorry for the English

@overlay PIZZA create It does not appear

How can I have someone check out the first chapter of the story before I continue to chapter two especially in English errors

You can ask for help in the Share feedback in the creators corner.
You can also put in a request to one of the preview readers in the Promote your story section to have a look at it.

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