Howwww do you video edit so great!

Can somebody please show me how to make video edits, I want to be able to make my own edits because I’m not big on asking people for help, even tho I appreciate it of course. I’ve been trying to relearn and educate myself, but youtube or anything else for that matter, isn’t working. I know great editing doesn’t happen over night but, It’s kinda pushing my self-estem lower than it already is. Can someone with a huge amount of experence help. If theres no answer, forget this happened.
Thank you

I use kine master and quik for edits but there not episode related edits

ive tried those for a good amount of time, but i cant get used to them

Well heres a tutorial for video star

Quik is pretty easy tho since it kind of does it for you

You can also try cute cut

thanks, ill try them in the meantime while i go look for someone who step-by-step it with me

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has anyone tried online video editors? are they worth my attention and time?