Howz this Lineart?

I m not sure if this Lineart is okay or not… If anyone can help me on this that wud be g8(please don’t borrow this or use it for ur personal covers) :purple_heart:

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It looks pretty good.

Is it the base sketch or the final one?

Base sketch… Its my first try so I thought I should ask if it’s okay or not

i wouldn’t do line art as a base. use a pencil/ sketchy brush to get proportions etc correct and don’t worry about that being neat. then going over with line art to clean it up and get a refined sketch :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m sorry… But I m new to all this so I don’t understand what you r trying to tell me… I mean I literally a beginner :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:can uh please simplify the steps??

line art is used to trace over a rough sketch to make it cleaner and line art consists of smooth continuous lines

while a base sketch can have multiple lines and doesn’t need to be continuous
i’ll drop a photo to explain

anatomy is off in this so don’t reference my sketch/ line art haha

also if you check out @arsiniia_ reel on instagram you’ll see her process of a rough sketch > refined sketch > line art

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Tysm :revolving_hearts: