HSL is NOT working!

Hello! I’ve been trying to use the hsl for these last weeks, and it is not working in the previewer. I know there are some other topics about it, however, I have recently encountered this new problem regarding hsls: the code does not even show up down below…



That box says reset hsl which means no filter.

What’s your line of code in your script?

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your OPACITY is on 0 which means it won’t show your HSL, you have to change it to 100 or other number above 0


Lmao thanks. If I reckon, it changed automatically once? I’ve never set it manually.

it’s a glitch that it’s there for months (some people have it, some not)

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Oh my God me too I thought I was the only one

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Thanks for working through this HSL issue together!

We wanted to follow up and let you know that we’ve released a change for the Filters tool so the default opacity will now be 100 when opened. We hope this helps!