Will you guys give my story a try? My story name is Untangled Love.


You might want to also include your description, cover, info about the story (example: gem choices, full/limited/no cc, amount of LI, mini-games, pointsystem, choices matter, choose gender, etc.), change the title of the topic to something that is not your link and put it in the the topic itself, genre, amount of episodes released now, genre, style (LL, INK, Classic…) and include the name you have on episode (author name).

People can’t do a lot with just a title, they go from reading what you say here and definitely don’t want to go search themselves to only see the description and cover.


Okay! I will include my story cover, description, and other things which people needed to know. Thanks for letting me know. :slight_smile:

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Hey guys,

I wrote my first story called Untangled Love. It was first published on December 13 but I have revamped it recently and updated it a few days ago.

Story name: Untangled Love

Description: John and Raizel, who dislike each other, are forced to get married and lead troubled lives but things take a turn when the couple meets unexpected tragedy.

Character customisation: Yes but limited. You won’t be able to change skin tone and eye colour.

Genre: Comedy (mixed with mystery and drama).

No. Of. Episodes released: 3

Style: Limelight.

There will be choices from season 2 which will impact few scenes. But overall there will be only one ending.

Link to my story: