Hello I have been reading stories on here for a while and I feel it’s my turn to give back I haven’t publish it yet but tell me what you think! If there’s any areas i can improve on
And the u tube videos have helps soooo much

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Okay so I just read Episode 4. So I noticed a lot script errors and some grammar mistakes. But I really liked that you give us a lot of choices! I would also recommend to make your chapters a bit longer. Maybe you can sent me photos of your script and I can try to get the grammar and script errors out of it? Don’t worry, I will not change the plot or something!

Hello Alyssa thank you for the advice
This story is actually my story of my time in college so am not really worried as I have most of it in my head
However yes there is loads of spelling mistakes but really there technical stuff on here which am not to sure of. Plus am actually writing it from my phone and not a computer Lol!
But I feel it could be much better if i understand some of the technical things E.g how to zoom out and stuff and where it has like different numbers i read the guides and watched the videos but once I get it to chapter 7 or so I would like to publish it.
Making the chapter longer i only finished chapter 3 this morning its takes up so much time to get it all correct.
Perhaps you know why the publish button hasnt come up yet for me to press it? I read it all do you think it’s about the chapters being short?
Any advise would be great appreciated

You can only publish when all of your chapters are longer then 400 lines :slight_smile:

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