Huge Age Gaps in Vampire Stories

I’ve seen a bunch of vampire stories on episode (where the vampires are portrayed as dominant, blood thirsty men, which I personally think is already problematic enough). Something else I feel has not been brought up enough is the huge age gap between the MC and the LI. We are talking about 500+ year old men pursuing 17 year old high schoolers. I cannot explain how incredibly disturbing and creepy this is, and I wish it was talked about more.


couldnt agree more, its only okay because he is hot, which makes it even more creepy


Before Twilight the vampires were always portrayed as ancient evil bloodsucking monsters, remember those times?? :laughing::laughing:
Who cares that the dude is centuries old and literally needs to harm people in order to feed himself,at least he’s hot and strong :see_no_evil:
But ngl I’m a sucker for a good vampire story😅(no pun intended lol)

Btw maybe anyone here can recommend a story where vampires are villains and not LIs?


sometimes its a good idea to look at old legends the stories originate from, like vampires,

you won’t believe how wrong the modern windigo is in movies, all base them on this one movie, which arent even accuracy because the one who made it didn’t even look into what a windigo where and just made something up.


I was about to log off, but I saw this and came straight to it. Thank you for saying it. I feel like a decent amount of people really aren’t willing to think through this trope and any unsettling real world implications having “a love interest” like this has.


The 500+ year old vampire is about 17yrs in human years, so that’s why most people don’t think it’s disturbing and creepy.


It’s still unsettling regardless of their physical appearance. Both mentally and spiritually, they are a 500 year old vampire who is still going after a minor. Also, because it’s a fantasy story, I’m assuming it wouldn’t be so difficult to make the vampire a teenager (or something closer to the MC’s age) so they could relate to the MC. :slightly_smiling_face:


Haha I am writing a story right now with a vampire LI. And I thought about this. A LOT !
But in the end I just kinda concluded that I wouldn’t think to much about the age… (I know, it’s kinda a lazy thing to do ) but I’m a sucker for these kinda vampire romances myself.

Even though I think the physical mindset plays a big part here. I mean when you keep looking like a 17 year old. I don’t think you will ever completely relate to those who are old and look old… I think you will somehow keep a bit of that 17 year old with you. It’s kinda a interesting discussion really.


17 year old virgin blood :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Whenever I read stories about vampires I doubt I have really ever thought of the age gap and it doesn’t really bother me that much :woman_shrugging: I agree with @ally.writess about the mindset thing


I get that the vampires are physically 17 or appear to be at least, or whatever, but it’s still really weird and creepy.


Its fantasy


The fact it’s fantasy makes it even easier to perhaps make a vampire closer to the MCs age. There’s no reason to have a LI that old going after a teenager.


I know, but it’s still odd to me that 500+ are going for 17 year olds in my opinion. They could go for other people closer to their age? Lol, idk much about vampire stories.


We would never say that a grown, real life man much older who looks 17 is in any way equivalent to an actual 17 year old. I think we need to apply that here as well.


If it was a much more realistic setting age and premise I could totally see it being creepy

Who cares? It’s a fantasy story about vampires. Vampires are most likely 100 years old and blood thirsty. Not only on Episode also in books and movies🤷🏻‍♀️.


I think it’s due to the fact that when a vampire is turned they stay that age for the rest of their life. I mean many vampires from famous films and series do act childish and not how a 500+ year old would act like.

So if you get turned at 17, you’re 17 for the rest of eternity, you’re only considered “500 years old” because you’ve been around for that long. I don’t think it changes the mentality of the individual.


We just have to understand that they are not a 17 year old. They may appear as such, but they are not and will never be 17 again. Like @amphia said, they could always go for someone closer to their age. A 500 year old going after a teenager just doesn’t sit right with me.


They’re harmful in other media too. I care, because stories are never just stories and fiction heavily influences the way we think about real life issues.