Huge Background Drive: Fully Licensed


Hello Episode Community:

I apologize but due to theft, abuse and terms of use violation, My drive is now invite only. Please go to to apply for access to over 5000 backgrounds and overlays all licensed for commercial use on the episode app. I recommend you read the TOU before filling out the application as thats were the answers to the questions on the form can be found.

I am sparse on instagram, but I would appreciate a re-follow if you want future updates, whenever I get back to it.

The donor drive (NON PROFIT/COVERS MATERIAL COSTS) is still up and running as well and I am currently adding to that this weeks as well.

I apologize that this project has been so up and down, I’ve had to take more hiatuses than left socks these past months, it’s been a crueler summer for me than that 1990s pop song most of you are too young to know about.

Thanks for your support