Huge Background Drive: Fully Licensed


Hello Episode Community:
I have made the free drive public again. PLEASE read the terms of use.
I am sparse on instagram, but I would appreciate a re-follow if you want future updates, whenever I get back to it.

The donor drive is up and running as well, and there are now watermarked previews available and at application form available at this link as well.

I apologize that this project has been so up and down, I have a lot of IRL things happening that are quite serious- and I have needed time and space at times.
Thanks for your support


:memo: Ultimate List of Backgrounds and Overlays Editors / Creators!
Thorne art studio link
Prison visiting rooms



Thank you so much for your compliment, I really hope that my backgrounds help you in your writing.


Can I recommend this to someone?


Of course- my drive is open to anyone as long as they follow the terms of use.




How should I credit you? I will of course put it at the end of every chapter but your instagram or?


Just at the end of the episode the background first appears in. No fuss on Instagram, it’s not required