Huge problem! help me!


Hey everyone! So I have been writing my story and I really want to submit it to the contest coming up. I have multiple scenes where I got backgrounds from google, but both the backgrounds were rejected and they are really important to the plot. I still have to write one more episode, but now I’m worried that I won’t have time while I try to find new backgrounds. Also, so far all the backgrounds I have are from google and are still in review, so what if none of them get accepted? WHAT DO I DO?


You have to re apload it And it usally takes 1 or 2 week for they can I accept your background


So should I just re-submit it? Wouldn’t that be plagiarism?




If they don’t have any copyright infringement or sexual explicit things, then there shouldn’t be a problem.
I’ve had an overlay give me issues before and I emailed episode and they let me upload it.


But it’s a background and I’m worried I would be taking their art. But I’ll try to upload it again :grin:


Can I see it? Pm me if you want


If you upload it again and it’s already been rejected, it will be again


Ok I’ll pm the image. It’s for a sort of art scene formated thing


If it have somebody name at the bottom they will not accept it


Even if you have an art scene MADE and the artist signs it?


They will think your steal somebody art


ok. I now know why it was rejected. I’ll find a different background :+1:


If you need a background go to Kyra's background and overlay request thread!



Topic closed as it has been resolved. Thanks all! :ok_hand: