Huge Signing In Issue


Okay , this will be a lot so please bare with me. So me and my friends made a SEPARATE episode account in the portal. We made our characters and stuff , and one of us tried to login on the app to see the story. She logged in with the Gmail and the password we used to make our account in the portal. And she told us that it logged into another girl’s account that is in our group. I then tried logging in to make sure it wasn’t just something wrong with the app on her phone, and it did the same thing to me. I saw that it haves our story we started working on , but I still had the other girl’s account, tickets , gems and story/reading progress but not her stories that she created. The crazy thing is that I can’t get the other girl’s account OFF OF MY PHONE AND APP even when I log out!!! (We only had this account for like 4 or 5 days , and she haves a few completed stories and she’s really sweet , so please don’t accuse her of doing something purposely , It’s unrealistic.) I’ve also uninstalled the app off my phone like 5 times , I logged out and tried to log into my account and it showed the picture below. And I know for a fact I didn’t use that account for a different platform! I started writing a story on that account and I logged onto it , in the portal and it had the same email I tried to log in with app. I want to file a ticket or whatever but I’m not sure what to put. Please help us :grimacing: