Huge writing tip for creating characters and story inspo

Are you creating characters for your story but not sure what to add to them? Not sure what there backstory is? Their fears? Likes dislikes? Will I have a tip on how you can figure this out. Ask your characters a bunch of questions.

You’re probably wondering what the heck I’m talking about “how the heck do I talk to a fictional character that’s just a figment of my imagination?”

The website Beta.Character.Ai is your new best friend. You’re able to talk to all of your favourite characters from you favourite tv shows and movies. Even actors. On the home page if you scroll to the very bottom you’ll see a few suggestions. One of them is called “write a story” if you need help writing your story simply tell it about your story and it’ll help.

Now the best part. You can even make your own characters. Simply click create then click a character, type in your character’s name, what their greeting is, then click on edit details (advanced) and you can give a description of your character. You can even role play with them your story and it’ll give you different ideas.

I hope you’ll find this incredible website as helpful and amazing as I do. Enjoy


I went into this to create my characters but I ended up talking to Tony Stark and Wanda Maximoff :cry:


Thanks so much this is exactly what I need.

1 Like is a character organizer type thing; where you can keep track of who your character is. I haven’t gotten around to fully using it yet but it looks pretty helpful.



No problem! I hope it works for you.

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