Hugging And How TO DO IT

May someone please teach me hugging im a little confused on it.

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@CHARACTER1 stands screen center and CHARACTER1 faces left and CHARACTER1 is hug_rear
@CHARACTER2 stands upscreen right and CHARACTER2 faces left and CHARACTER2 is hug

^^ That’s for INK.

Always remember that the character that is facing rear must face the opposite way to that you want them to face :slightly_smiling_face:


@CHARACTER 1 spot 1.28 118 100 and CHARACTER 1 faces right and CHARACTER 1 moves to layer 1
@CHARACTER 2 spot 1.28 200 100 and CHARACTER 2 faces right and CHARACTER 2 moves to layer 2

&CHARACTER 1 starts hug and CHARACTER 2 starts hug_rear

This is an example, they will stand in the middle of the screen.