Hugging error on ink



I am currently trying to make a hugging scene but it looks…awkward. Here is what I have:

@EDWIN is hug AND HARPER faces right AND HARPER is hug_rear

For some reason, Harper is behind Edwin and Edwin is over Harper. Is there something I did wrong?

(btw, if you’re curious as to what places they are in, Edwin is in the center of the screen and Harper is to the right of the screen.)


Just put them in layers! :grin: If you need help with that, I can help you.


If you don’t mind, I could use the help :slight_smile:


No problem!
@EDWIN moves to layer -3 and EDWIN is hug and HARPER moves to layer 3 and HARPER faces right and HARPER is hug_rear


Thank you so much!


basically since -3 is less than 3, harper will be in front for future reference