Hugging error! please help!

HI guys! I have tried everything possible trying to make this two ladies hug, but it seems impossible! What i’m doing wrong? can somebody help?

@WOMAN2 faces left

is the red haired character woman 2 or the other name

Woman2 is the brunette and Diaqasphora is the read head

@Diaqasphora faces left

Second line or first line?


thank you very much!


is not working :sob:

still giving me issues! can you guys help me with a script?

Make sure they are moved to the right layer. Red girl in layer 2 and other girl in -1 for example.

@GIRL1 moves to layer -1
@GIRL2 moves to layer 2


yep layering.

How can I add it tin the script?

and thank you

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Check my guide for future scenes :slight_smile:


Just plug it in anywhere prior to the hug

@CHICK moves to layer -1
@DUDETTE moves to layer 2

Thank you guys, you’re awesome!

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I spent a good hour just trying to get my characters to make out correctly lmao :woman_facepalming:

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