Hugging help pls

hi, i’d like to have the characters to hug but i’m nto sure how to do it as its been a while

this is the current script if it helps

@ARTHIT spot 1.280 264 95 AND ARTHIT faces left
@ANDROMEDA enters from left to spot 1.280 112 76 AND ANDROMEDA does it while walk_neutral

hopefully this helps!

Is that the entire script? You need to make them do hugging animations

I am affraid you cant combine simple and spot directing ass you did in the walking command.

Eather use simple directing:
@CHAR enters from left to screen right

Or spot directing:
( spot the character offscreen first)
@CHAR walks to spot x y z in t

To make the characters hug you need them to make hugging animation and you must put them on right layers

&CHAR1 is huganimation AND CHAR1 faces left AND CHAR1 moves to layer 1
@CHAR2 is rearhuganimation AND CHAR2 faces left AND CHAR2 moves to layer 2

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