Hugging on Limelight



Is there a way to make the characters move closer together?


spot directing, use scale to drag the characters closer to each other. if you need more help/thats too confusing just lmk


I’m not really sure how to spot direct because I’m sort of new to writers portal :sweat_smile:


on the writer’s portal, when previewing that part, click “Directing Helper”, then “Spot Helper”. under the preview there should be something that says “@CHARACTER spot ____” make sure it says the name of the character you want moved, then drag them around until they’re at the spot you want them to be. once it’s perfect, copy the coordinates given under the preview. it should say @CHARACTER spot _____. copy and paste that into your script, and they should stand at the spot you chose. does that make sense?


Click on that button


This is how I learned.


Thank you so much! That helped me a lot! Is there a way to have the character walk to the spot you want them to be?


@CHARACTER walks to spot # # #

or to specify the time it takes…

@CHARACTER walks to spot # # # in (time)

or to specify zones…

@CHARACTER walks to spot # # # in zone #


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