Hugging Scenes, characters are in wrong direction

Hey so I am creating my first story, and I am trying to make 2 of my characters hug. And i have watched tutorials on youtube and everything. But when i try ti make them hug, the characters are facing the wrong way, or it just doesn’t look like they are hugging each other. Does anyone have any tips or can help me out?

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Ah I know what’s wrong! So for hugging, or any rear animation you have to put @CHARACTER faces [the opposite direction of what you want them facing]

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Also, if it isn’t just the way that they are facing that is the issue, make sure that I’m the character you want behind had a lower layer than the one you want in front.
@CHARACTER moves to layer 2
&CHARACTER moves to layer 1
The one with the higher layer will be in front.

Thank you so much!


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