Hunters art shop (closed )

Hey guys I’m new to the community and Im a episde editor and I can make you guys anything you want here is something I recently made :joy:
Oh and guys they might take longer than expected to do because I have a story to work on as well. mafia twins so please try and understand :blush:


Do you do Limelight?

may I request something? lol

that’s so cute omg :pleading_face: can i request?

you can change the hair style if needed <3
background - ext. philadelphia north street - night (wvtr it’s called lmao)
pose - talk_apathetic (end pose)
outfit - dressy crop top (white) & high waist pants (the black ones) w military chic boots :black_heart:

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Of course you can :blush::joy:

No sorry :pensive:

Don’t know how long it will take but I will sure do it hahaha

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is this all you need? :smile:

Do you want a spisfic pose??

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nope lol you can do whatever you want tbh

OK thanks, I don’t know how long it’s gonna take me to finish tbh :joy:

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I should be the one saying thank youu and I feel you

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I don’t have specifics for anything just whatever you think looks good!

Hii ! Do you make covers?

Hey I would love for you to make me a front cover for my romance story

Yes I do​:joy::joy:

Yeah just give me the details

OK I’ll do my best😊

Here is the fineshed product sorry that I couldn’t find the background that you wanted but I hope you still like it :grin:


it’s really good! i love it thank you :cupid:

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