Hurting my brain with intricate choices.. HELP

So basically, it’s a text scene, I made text overlays on a fake text site, and I want 2 initial choices, reply, or ignore. and then inside of the reply choice, another two choices, go to party, or stay home. I tried to play around and figure it out, but I’m stumped. Thanks in advance!

is it a choice within choice? If not add a bracket on line 680

Also, you need to add something after each background, a dialogue a pause whatever, background can’t be on its own

Do you have a } on line 704? To close the first choice. And what Apes said. You need to add a pause or dialog after each background or it will just skip.

Yes, it is a choice within a choice! and thanks, I’ll put in some pauses

I have a closing bracket on like 705.

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They the pauses see if that works :slight_smile:

added the pauses, but I have another error :sob:

You need a dialogue before the word choice

that worked, thanks. but now I have ANOTHER issue. getting into the details of the overlay placing, and instead of it all flowing smoothly, from text overlay to text overlay, there is like a glitch before it moves to the next one if that makes sense.

Have you tried, adding the overlay placement to the background line?

INT. CELLPHONE - DAY with TEXT02 to 1.000 40 67
@pause for a beat
INT. CELLPHONE - DAY with TEXT04 to 1.000 40 67
@pause for a beat

Maybe that helps.
Or try using & instead of @ for the first overlay command of each scene.

it worked! thanks sooooo much

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