Hypocrisy within this app? #episodehypocrisy


There’s no denying that Episode clearly goes against their own guide lines… do I have to explain the whole controversy with “It All Started With A Bra” or “In My Bed…”? Us being such an amazing, loving and respectable community, how much more can we stand for? We are the people who give Episode their good name, but with stories that Episode constantly features that goes against their guide lines, that would disgust any one in their right mind, we are getting the back lash from it. I literally hide Episode in my “Extra” files, not because I’m ashamed of being an author. But I’m ashamed on helping an app that contradicts their own guidelines, by still giving them content… I know a lot of you guys feel the same. Feel free to share your opinions. :heart:

#episodehypocrisy show your love to the community, and the hatred you have for stories that go against guidelines, we will keep this going until we are heard. :heart:

Why authors getting their stories banned when episode stories go against the rules!
Episode hypocrisy!

I thinks they should just update their guide lines, because there are also many people who are old enough for those stories, just put them in a 18+ section.


I agree the guidelines and age limit needs to be updated.


Episode should follow their own guidelines. We don’t even have the option to report their stories whereas other stories have been banned when these newer Episode stories are worse.

However, I don’t think the Episode age rating should be changed, maybe they should just create a section for 18+. Raising the age limit would cause many writers to be forced to leave or fake their age when they have fresh and awesome ideas.


I don’t mind mature stories or stories with mature themes when they’re well-written, but I do think there either needs to be an adult section or an update on the age limit. I know that some people will still find a way to bypass that if that’s what they really want to read, but it would still offer some protection to people who just aren’t interested in those kinds of things.


I’ve just commented on their guidelines post asking how they haven’t broken the sexually explicit rules… I’m not expecting a response.


Guys, thank you so much for creating this thread! We need to stop this and we need to act all together!

I’ve also launched an IG campaign, so that everyone can repost my resent image with a #EpisodeHypocrisy hashtag! Please, join! (@episode.alex.af)

We need to spread awareness and speak up!



There was another thread created and I’m going to say what I said there:

Ok so I am about sick and tired of this… @everyone go to the Episode app in the app store, and 1. Write a review about how inappropriate there featured stories are, and(or) press app support and submit a ticket about reporting an inappropriate story. All I have to say about that. I’m going to start reading now.


Thanks so much for starting up this hashtag on IG. I’m glad to see it’s spreading :two_hearts:


But kids would still be nosy and bad and still read the stories!


Their shouldn’t be an adult section because kids can still goon there if they want to read something! That wouldn’t stop them, what they should do is get rid of all the stories that is not appropriate and stop banning other people stories who are not doing anything wrong!


Is anyone gonna talk about how the bad boy Shane sets science lab on fire??? like damn this is worse than cringy sex scenes


I feel like either the Episode guidelines should be updated or they should be more accepting of stories that “break the guidelines”, it breaks my heart when a good story gets pushed aside just because of mature themes and language however the cheesy, cliche stories are given appreciation when it’s obvious that not everyone likes it.


I stated that in my post too that even with an adult section, you will never truly be able to stop people from reading stuff if that’s what they want to do. Even if it’s not on the Episode app, people will always find a way to read content that may not be deemed appropriate for their age whether it’s on AO3, or tumblr, or Wattpad, or wherever else. Restrictions don’t stop everyone (I remember being a teenager on the internet!) but they are a good start, in my opinion.


Sure, they are, but they can find it everywhere on the Internet, so why just ban good stories just because they’re sometimes 18+? I’m also writing a story which many people would probably call cliché and there are going to be mature themes, because I am the author and I can decide what I want to write about. If Episode itself can write about mature topics, then I can do the same.

Those are just stories. Just because a 13-year-old read a story about a bad boy changing for love doesn’t mean they’ll just go out there and go after every bad boy coming their way.


But at the same time people that are under 18 will just go in that section because there is no perfect way to verify someone’s age.


Even if there was a perfect way to verify their age, they would just search for anything on the Internet, it doesn’t matter if they see it on Episode or somewhere in the world wide web


True. Why do little kids wanna look at this stuff what has this come to?


I actually don’t mind stories with more mature ratings, but if they’re going to feature these kinds of stories, they need to add a rating system with age locks.

Sure kids will lie about their age, but as long as the warning is there it’s not on the app to monitor every kid’s internet browsing.


Even if they did make an 18+ section and you had to verify your age kids would just lie, like I mean theres no way a nine year old wouldn’t be curious and be like: " You know what? I’m 18 today."
But Episode wouldn’t get sued if the kid saw something inappropriate because they kinda did warn them.

They just shouldn’t post things that break their guidelines.