I added a scene in my story and its not coming up

Ive added a scene to my story and when I go to check the scene and I replay the story, the scene simply just doesn’t show up. Can someone please help me with this problem?

Try seeing if there is an error… or click review again

Can you show the coding?

Don’t worry I figured out that it was just a glitch. Thank you for responding though. :blush:

please help me. it’s my first story and there are 3 chapters and I don’t know how to read it … advise me
please help thank you

I can read just I don’t know how it looks from another profile …
I translate everything because I’m a Slovak

Got to the three lines top left corner. Click on that, go to create and tap on your story. And hit play. This allows you to see your story and also edit through with the tool editor.

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Thank you so much but I know all this … it’s my first story and I read and edit the parts next
I know how much they read
just doesn’t show me more episode coming soon
and how many chapters have this story
see screenshot…

Hmmm. One sec if your specifically looking for the chapters that may be on your main screen lol. I’ve never noticed that. I’ll look and see if u can point you in the right direction

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That’s really strange, because I know it used to show it. Update of the app maybe?

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If you send me your link I can SS it and show you what it looks like from my end. But for others it should show up like this for others until you show a finishing status in your portal

(I used yours as an example so I tagged you just to be safe for credit issues :joy:)


práve naopak ostátnych mi ukazuje normalne ale môj príbeh nie tam neni more episodes coming soon a kolko je tam kapitol
A aplikaciu mam aktualizovanu dakujem
Za pomoc… :star_struck: