I am a digital artist and want to make people free art before I start doing commissions so if you need story art drop your insta

If you’re still taking requests, My Instagram is LeeLee.Epy
(update to previous comment from Jan with no reply)

hey girl! it’d be so much appreciated if you could make me a cover for my story- I looked through some of your work and it’s so good! my insta is @raemond.ep
thanks in advance!

Hi! if you’re still taking requests, could you maybe make me a cover for my story? btw you’re very talented :).

btw my insta is @Avoiider

hi my intsa is kasiliz

My Instagram is smexypostz and your work is so good

My insta: episode_lion

I looked at your art and it looks amazing! I would love if you could make me a large cover with one character! I’m @amphia.episode on Instagram.

Ooo yes here’s my insta @ice.episode_

Hey there!
I know it’s been several months since you posted this, but are you still making free art?

@episodes.by.luna is my insta

Hey! Do you have examples?
I would love some art for my story!

Aha… Those are amazing. Are you still taking requests? My insta is @write.rsblock

My insta is @anwesha_epi_writes

Hello, are you still doing free art?

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a good day!
I just wanted to say that I’m taking art requests on my instagram account (@devuwrites)
If you want a small cover/large cover/intro/outro or even an Episode profile picture, you can simply go to the link in my bio and fill out the request form :two_hearts:
I edit both ink and limelight!

Are edit request closed

They’re closed now. they were open until a few days ago.

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My insta is @nellydimassi

Duplicate closed. Refer to newest: New Art Shop (Sorry My other One Got Unmanageable)