I am a free artist!

I am a free cover artist. I can do hand drawn covers, and edited for free if people are interested
This is my cover


All requests will be done eventually

Instagram - sademobxtch41


Ohh can you make a splash for me? It looks beautiful!

what is a splash xD sorry am not very smart xD

It’s the part with the warnings and sound reminder at the beginning of the chapter. But oops I actually meant an art that I could show for my outro

okay. gimme ur details on what u want :smiley:

I love your work (: :blob_hearts:

I would love if you could do a cover for me?

sure!! Could you leave what you want done. And if you want hand drawn or edited ;D

You re drawing just in INK?

I guess I can do LL

do u just do ink or ll too :pleading_face:
im stoopid and just read dat :point_up_2:
can i request a drawn person overlay for a banner :pleading_face:

I edit in ink and ll. And what do you mean ‘for a banner’

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i mean imma but it on a banner but i just want an overlay
ill give u credit ofc :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you, love!


Alright, LI (Zayden) is a sports teacher so can you make one where he has a towel around his neck and sweat dripping down? If you refuse to do this, we can think about another one <3

character details

LI (Zayden)
body: male athletic body/ neutral 03
brow: round thick/deep brown
hair: medium side part flip/deep brown
eyes: narrow almond deep smiling/hazel dark
face: chiseled square stubble shaved
nose: straight pointed
lips: medium heart/rose light nude matte

  • scar cheek (00-03)


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ok! ill reply when ive finished!!

awhh you’re the sweetest! Can I follow you on instagram? How may I credit you?

Just a tag would be ok
I have 2 Instagram accounts:
sademobxtch41 and mitch.epi

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ok here are the deets
use the ll ones please :pleading_face:
could u do french or dutch braids with short bangs in her face

could I have this pose :pleading_face:

Tell me if im missing anything :blush:

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the LL is very pretty! I’ll draw her like that NP!

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tysm :pleading_face: :revolving_hearts:

oh my gawd ur so sweet :sob:

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