I am a little bit angry and confused

I just read a story on LL I don’t like LL but it was a read for a read so … What do I see the can what I have been asking as feature a long time ago? they can eat sandwiches, donuts and their clothes are much more beautiful then ink why is it so difficult for episode to add them to ink.???


Because Ink’s technology is older than LL. It’s harder for them to make Ink stuff which is why they wanted to upgrade.


well i don’t like there upgrade, the girls have practily the same face and the boys they are not man there face are exactly the same too. it are only the animations and the clothes that are better, why not last with ink and upgrade that


Are those questions we ask and ask to vote for are they really going to episode???

sorry but episode is not updating ink anymore. sooner or later you’ll have to start liking LL to play episode bc it’ll be mostly LL now


They aren’t updating ink anymore because its an older version so they wouldn’t be making the same clothes for ink and limelight. LL is a newer style so that’s why more clothes are coming out for that. I personally don’t think ink and LL look alike. Just take it from the perspective of classic. They aren’t updated either.


oh wow, i didnt know they werent updating ink anymore. yikes.

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I agree with you but its somewhat the other way around but with Classic. Anytime a story catches my eye I open it up and 78% of the time its classic and so I have to always go find another sotry or even see if the author made a ink or LL version. (LL is my fav)

Simple. Because it would be counterproductive to their goals as a business.

Businesses have to move forward and improve, not stay behind or stay in one place. I love Classic and it’ll remain as one of my favorites, but to be realistic, it wouldn’t have made any sense to stick with one thing forever as a business. It’s the same exact reason why gaming consoles get discontinued as well. Take Sony and their Playstations, for example. Sony continues to make new PlayStations every 5-7 years in order to stay relevant and up-to-date with current technology, otherwise, they would fall behind not only in that aspect but as a business and company moving forward.

Sure, the PS2 was their biggest success, and my favorite console, but if they had stayed with that and never developed the PS3, PS4, etc. their customers would have eventually gotten bored and the business would fail. Same with Episode.

It is also worth noting the time and resources to continue to maintain old and outdated products wouldn’t be logical when you have the better tools available to create advanced, more optimized products. And speaking of better tools, that’s why each successor of the previous style has more features, options, than its predecessors. Ink had more options than Classic, but Limelight has more options than both.

And it will continue that way, because that is their goal; to improve. Each style will stop being updated eventually so the next can flourish to stay current and go forward.

The good news is you can still use the styles. They’re there. They aren’t going anywhere. Many companies sometimes don’t, or can’t, even give their customers that luxury, like Sony not giving backwards compatibility on their new products due to technological differences and profit goals.


classic was ugly too…

yes and we ask in feateres to update this and that for what its for that i think do they even read it.

It is what it is and arguing with everyone about it is not going to change it :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:
(Just my opinion)

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I know but most of the people prefer ink over LL so episode has to think twice I think. They could also update INK it would be more loveble than it is already, Ink they look like us LL they are a little weird.

you need to accept that LL is the main style now and episode isn’t going to update ink anymore because some people cant accept the change. they did the same thing to classic and episode didnt gaf that people hated ink.



You think classic and LL are ugly but that’s your opinion. Personally, I like LL and classic and I think ink is ugly so it’s just a matter of opinion.


Because ink was more beautiful than the classic one it was a real upgrade.

Idk why everyone is arguing about this, some people like LL more than ink and some people like Ink more than LL. It’s a matter of opinion.


lmao ok? people didnt say ink was pretty when it replaced classic (they didnt like it just like LL lmao) :wink: honestly girl just accept it. ink is dead to episode and they’re not gonna update it anymore because their main priority is LL.

edit- plus LL clothes are um beautiful


that’s really your opinion, doesn’t make it true.