I am a new authour, and i need help!


hello, I’m asking is in the title lol. I’m a new author and I really would like to include a range of artists in my story, I will give credit to anyone who helps me.
I already I have @Episode-Diamonds, helping me out, and they are amazing.
but I still need others.

please help me


@EpisodeStudio can help you.
They have many talented artists ready to help.


Thank you :grinning:


No problem! Here’s a link to the art thread.


i can help you can join my writing group if you want just pm me your email


Writing group?


yeah i already have 6 members would you like to join


did you receive my email?


yeah I just added you


No but thanks for the offer.


i can help you :slight_smile:

here’s my art: Alexia’s Art Thread (Taking Requests) ♡