I am a talented artist open for comissions and requests

hello, my name is camila and i am an artist in search for new kinds of work! i have been reading episode for a while and have decided to open up for creators who want a bomb cover for their story or want just any bomb art for their stories or avatars and what not. you can find me on instagram at @casuav and see me and my art. my art is very proffesional, not only can i edit pictures or characters but i can make basically anything you want. from backgrounds to props to characters. recently i did work in designing a portrait for an instagram model and have worked with soundcloud rappers to make album and song covers. also, i have made various designs for merch and school t-shirts. i will put my art below. thank you and i hope you consider <3.
( i am a commission based artist, i will rarely do art for free unless there is a benefit on my part, paying information can be discussed in dms, my art is not for free because of the obvious work and time and effort i take to create it)


Can I request?

ok, i have a question, what is a request ? im sorry im new to these episode terms

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No problem, a request is free art, mostly made using Episode Assets.
While a commission is paid art, when you free hand the whole thing.

oooh, yeah im sure i can do one if its using episode assets. id also have to familiarize myself to it

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Oh okay! So, should I give my details?

yes please!

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Here goes:
Body: Copper 02
Brow: Arched Natural (Medium Warm Brown)
Hair: Any Long Hair (Strawberry Blonde)
Eyes: Female Generic (Grey Cool)
Face: Diamond
Nose: Female Generic
Mouth: Full Heart Pouty (Any Color You See Fit)

what do you think?

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I love this sketch!
Can I request an art scene but in this style?

I’m sorry but I am confused. Are your requests luke art scenes & edits free for episode?

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ok so, i only make characters and character edits for free, which i think would be a request. meaning, i can get the original limelight or ink characters and compose them and edit them to make a cover or an art scene. yet, i wont do any art from scratch for free, as that would be my personal art. so editing, yes it is for free. art from scratch no, i charge. )art from scratch is like the art above)

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that is art from scratch, so it would cost money. but i can edit ur characters and make a customized scene for free if i get a shoutout

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I’m broke…so I’ll go with the customized scene.
I’ll get details.

Character details:

Skin: Light

Brows: Mature Grand fawn

Hair: Spiked up hair fawn

Eyes: Classic round auburn

Face: Square jaw

Nose: Bull

Lips: Classic blush


Skin: Light

Brows: Medium curved

Hair: Long feathered fawn

Eyes: Upturned bold purple

Face: Soft Heart

Nose: Celestial

Lips: Classic cherry red

Do you think you can do this one?




Ok thank you! I will like to make a request. I will do it tomorrow though because it is 3:53am here

ill have this done pretty soon tomorrow. stay put :smiley:

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Can I request?

@casuav how is it going?