I am bored like a board

Hi, this is just a general chat… because I am board at the moment :expressionless: Sooo Yeah :laughing:


Hahahahah hahahaha I love the pun!!!

Puns at literary my life :joy:

Ikr! I love them so much they’re so punny.

Your so funny! Do you like Punny? :joy:

:joy: I kinda say punny now except funny.

:joy: Ahaha


Hola Mi Buddies

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  • Romantic Comedies (RomComs)
  • Mysteries
  • Drama
  • Romantic Drama
  • Horror
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Ugh It didn’t work

  • romantic comedies
  • mysteries
  • drama
  • romantic drama
  • horror

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Where’s the fantasy choice? :eyes:

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Guuuuyyysss I made a Role Play thingy :joy:

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