I am confused about my backgrounds

Hi. My background weren’t approved (These are drawings which I did myself)
Can someone tell me why they weren’t approved? :confused:

Thank you :blush:

They’re so good. I have no idea why they weren’t approved?

Thank you so much! :heart:
I am confused as well. I have checked all guidelines and I believe that my drawings are acceptable

maybe its your tag. that is the only reason I can see. but dont it say why?

My signature :thinking: Maybe. Thank you so much

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Yep. Like @line123462 it is probably your signature/water mark.

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Oh, thank you very much. But I am a bit concerned, what I mean is how can I mark this drawing as my own and people won’t post it as their own? This is a bit ridiculous :pleading_face::thinking:

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You can BUT because they(Episode) don’t know or have time to look all over the internet to confirm it’s yours, so they probably have to decline it just in case. You know what I mean?

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Got it. Thank you very much

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Of course! Happy to help! :blush:

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You should submit a support ticket attaching these photos to your ticket and ask why they weren’t approved. Sometimes it could be a mistake on their end. I don’t believe it’s your water because people have put bigger watermark on their backgrounds and they have been approved.