I AM CONFUSED! (LMAO thing is that I'm always!)

Hey, Epihearts :heart:
I’m so f**king confused!!, I had make 2 covers of my own, And I like both of them :sweat_smile:
I’m not able to choose one !! Please help me to choose ONE!!


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I’m not sure that either will be approved, the first one appears to be a photo of a real person, which is usually a reason for rejection, and the second one is art work that has a watermark over the top of it so will be rejected for that most likely.


First one is free not copyrighted so… :thinking:

I didn’t say because of copyright, it’s more that they don’t allow real people to be used. Some art work is rejected for appearing to depict a real person. So it may be an issue is all I said.

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Okay!! But which one you like??

I like the second one

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Thanks, sweetheart :heart:

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HERE I got the image!!

For a start, Pinterest is NOT a safe place to get images. They are almost always copyrighted because they are reshared by people.

And again, I didn’t bring up copyright, I said the issue is most likely due to it being a real person.

However if you found the image on Pinterest, it’s not safe to use anyway. And with the watermark on the second one it will likely be rejected because of that.



What you use? Please don’t say to hire an artist I’m a student!

I suggest that you look at art shops for drawn or edited art, because both of those are copyrighted. Because of copyright reasons, you cannot use either of them. Please PM me and I can tell you some websites and free artists and editors.

Also, art with watermarks on them mean that they are copyrighted, too.


Please help me!!!

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Your best bet is to visit art shops here on the forums and get a free edit, or see If anyone is willing to do a drawn piece for free.

There are safe sites like Pixabay which has mostly commercially free images, but if you’re looking for it to depict a face, then you’ll have to stick to art work from episode community as to avoid the real person issue.


PM means actually I’m a nerd in episode :confounded:

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No, it means Private Message :upside_down_face:

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oooh the second one!!


As the people above already stated, you can’t use this because it is copyrighted, meaning, not for commercial use.
Copyright means that someone else owns the rights and only they can earn money from the picture/art they made.
You for example can’t re-upload whole movies on Youtube because the company who made the movie wants to earn money for the money and time they put in the movie. So the movie is copyrighted.

Some pictures and art are copyright-free, and so for commercial use.