I am confused with a label

So i do not know what to say in the script like label (…) then goto label (…) what do i need to say to make it go to label (…)

ldk just give me thoughts on what you think i mean

Set it out like this

goto Start

And obviously you need the label created as well before adding this.

(That’s an example you can change the LABEL_NAME to whatever you’d like)

no i meant like say i label_name then i say goto label_name what do i write for the thing. Idk this is confusing for me and probably you.

Because I’m a little confused to be honest can you send me your script or at least describe the scene you’re trying to do?

Okay, so I want the reader to pick the gender they want for their love interest. Say they pick the male to be their love interest, then i make a script for that gender. But what if they pick a female as their love interest how do I make a label, then goto that label, then what I need to put for the goto label to go to that script for the female.

@/Dara.Amarie as a template to follow if you go to her website. It is simple to follow, I use it myself for my story.

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Omg thanks!