I am desperate i cant do nothing anymore

I have bought paint shop pro 2018 but it does not work on my pc because it is windows 7
No, I have an older version installed with keygen, in the older days that worked but not anymore.
Is there someone who has paint shop x2 x3 x4 x5 or x6 with a keygen because you can use it on more than one computer I can’t make my screenshots anymore, no covers no overlays anything.

Please help me.


This might not be helpful but you can use Pixlr online, it’s completely free and you don’t need an account or anything. It does a lot of things Photoshop can do (which seems similar to what you want to do).

Well, I need it to resize pictures to mirror them, to make them transparent etc, to change the color of something.
Does that do all that?

Yeah, it can do all that. It takes some time to get used to it but you can also look up some tutorials if you need them.

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