I am disappointed

Ok so, hi. I’m Montana and I’m about to yeet my computer :sob: I have become so frustrated! I had a story that I was working on, but then I changed the entire plot because I didn’t like it. But then the new plot didnt engage myself enough as it did when I first thought of it. So I made a second story, in hopes that it would help motivate me a bit more, because I normally work better with pressure and stuff. But now im being paranoid that my stories are crap and no one will read them. So now im completely blank in ideas and im really disappointed with myself.

Before I came to episode, I used to write on Wattpad and I had the except same problem! I honestly love writing, it gives me the ability to leave the real world and jump into something that may not exist, but makes you feel excited and nervous and on the edge of your seats to know the ending. I honestly dont know what to do at this point, I know so many wonderful people have assured me that my ideas are ok, but I just dont believe it. At this point I feel like I might just quit writing all together- but besides songs and music, writing is the only other thing I have that… makes me forget all of my problems in real life, and the fact that I’m homeschooled and dont really have any friends outside of the screen of my phone and computer.

I know that I may sound like im just rushing through all of this (which I am in this thread as you can spot all my grammar errors :joy:) but no. I wasn’t rushing the stories. I physically sat down and planned it before even touching the keyboard. It did excite me at first when writing the story, but then I lost interest in it.

Is something wrong with me? Do others experience similar frustrations?

Thanks for listening <3 I need major advice :joy:


I guess that what really frustrates you is wanting to get something out in a rush. I mean, your first idea was totally fine and you like it but when writing it you stop the like. Then you started another story that excited you a bit more but that at the end never got you. Finally, you wrote another but with all the ideas you have left you couldn’t get one. Of three you didn’t get one.
Yeah, that’s crap but part of you don’t liking what you’re doing anymore and being unmotivated is because you want to do a lot or at least something but in the end you do nothing. Maybe you have just a lot in your mind that your ideas can’t flow right like before. Let go of some of them. Take deep breaths and instead of writing for writing get some motivation from creating outfits, reading other stories or interesting stuff. Imagine what would it be to have no internet friends (just to put it like this) and interact with people right in front of you and not through a phone.
Idk girl, stress can be good sometimes but if it’s excessive can take you to a mental breakdown. Also, it may be taking you to think you can’t do things you totally can do. I hope you get better soon and let this stress out for good. It’s blocking you from getting an amazing story. :purple_heart::hugs:

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Also, I think you feel the need to get something out because of being homeschooled. I might get you in there, and tell me if I’m wrong, but having no physical friends and being always in your house takes you to find a way to be communicated with the world or at least with a community. It could be The episode community or any other but the point of you joining them -in some cases- is feeling like you actually have friends, you’re part of a group, of something. You want to be noticed for the external world.

I’ve been there, I have, really. ):

Oki, I have a long @$$ rant so, just like, good luck I guess :joy:
I think 85%-95% of the community love reading stories and I am apart of that, however it might be belittling. There are so many well written stories with good characters, good plot, good directing, grammar, and then over here us growing and “newbie” authors are trying to produce a piece of writing we hope is “good enough.” And, although most say the internet is an escape, society is on here too, judging every word, every click, and every post/like. So we all know what it’s like, and on the forums most of us bond over that because we all understand it but even though we understand something doesn’t necessarily mean we know exactly what each other is feeling. For example you and I have reached a place where we both feel no one will read our stories and kind of like, “meh, I have everything planned I just have no motivation” (literally my life XD) anyway, this is what it’s like. But don’t expect to have the best grammar, the best directing, the best plot, or characters or anything. If you put hard work into it, genuine readers will read the story and be interested.
For example, @/NDwrites has written a story that has good directing, grammar, plot, and characters. However, she has never been featured and hasn’t reached over 5,000 reads yet, but she worked hard on her story and she has genuine readers, like me. And every story has some flaws (sorry, Niamh, if you see this), and with her story I feel like there are a lot of cliches. But, she makes up for that with the twists and turns and the relationships she has the reader build with the characters and that’s really important. Another flaw might be some grammar/punctuation mistakes (only like 3 so far, that I’ve noticed) but that doesn’t matter because the rest there aren’t any mistakes. The small mistakes can be fixed with good plot, which many have. Including you!
Anyway, to conclude this, there will always be haters, judgers, and rude people who will criticize everything you do. Especially if there is one mistake in a well written story, and however that may be sad, it’s true. I really hope you do continue because I would love to see your story come to life. Good luck, and sorry for ranting


thanks Sky, I really needed to hear something like this :sob::blob_hearts:

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glad I could help! :blob_hearts: And, aye, you ever publish a story hmu I need some new stories to read!

ahah ok I will <3 im happy that I joined a community with such wonderful and kind people

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me too! :grin:

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girl i understand you because sometime you’re like “hmm this idea is good” then some days later you think that the idea is crap

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