I am dissapointed

I have asked in the right corner to do some beta testing and giving me feedback it is my first story.
There is nobody who reacts…
Is this how a forum has to be to leave posts empty.

I still don’t know what to do episode writes me that it is time that I publish but I have nobody who is giving feedback

Aren’t we all there to help each other, I can make beautiful characters with beautiful clothes, I can do some overlays and so we can all do something so why make it so difficult help each other…

I am really dissapointed. The only two people who are always there to help are @Apes and @amberose and

I think it is reallu upsetting
I gave my link to someone I don’t give names who was willing to read my story no reaction, that is not going like that . iff you do something do it good otherwise don’t do it.

That was all really…

but for who is interested i still need some feedback on my story


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Is your story published or still in testing?

Still in testing. I am a newbie (and yes i am 43 years old so for me the language is difficult and the coding) lol

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Don’t worry, everyone was a newbie to coding in the beginning! I’ll be happy to give you feedback on your story.

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ok you can say that you do but nowbody knows it, not even yourself.

it was not really to you but for everyone in here, they say they test it but i don’t get feedback, i have made 4 episodes now and i want to publish… but not before i am sure.

i have the same problem your having i have a story i want to publish and they say there gonna test but the take forever

I’m sorry to hear about your troubles and frustration. But I want to make it clear that every single person who comes on the forum to lend a hand is not getting paid. We all live very busy lives and don’t always have space in our said lives to respond right away or respond at all. We take the time to do it because we care about our community and we take gratitud and patience as compensation. I think is really upsetting when we are being called out for not beta testing someone else’s story. Beta testing isn’t as easy as answering a question on the forum. Beta testing is a process which takes our time and efforts to not only read the story in full but then communicate our critique in a responsible and informative way. And then when we do give our critiques and suggest improvements, what usually follows are a lot of questions on how to make those improvements.
I am sorry that you haven’t found the right person yet, but please do not make posts that indicate your disappointment on a community that are constantly using their spare time in helping others.


Well thank you for the shout out, but don’t let these things discourage you or give up on the community.

Keep in mind that most people can only make time for forums on the weekend, so beta testing can take a long time. Think about how long it takes you to write an episode… It would take a beta tester almost the same time if they’re giving you quality feedback as well. And also, beta testing isn’t something everyone can do. It takes a special kind of person to be able to read your story and spot errors and then also know how to fix them. Most people on here are only readers, so might not be too helpful when it comes to coding.

When I asked for my story to be beta tested, I only got one person that responded and it took them over a week to get through it and give me feedback. Yes, it took time but it was so worth the wait and really improved my story.

You will find a beta reader who will be the right fit for you. It just takes time :slightly_smiling_face:


What’s and Where is Beta testing? I’d love to give you feedback on your story! :open_mouth:

Are you talking to me or @Zoekezoef ?

Beta testing is like reading someone’s story before publishing to give feedback and make sure there’s no errors. @Zoekezoef has posted her link in the first post, so you can test hers there.

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Beta testing is a very sensitive topic. It not only takes a lot of time, but it requires the ability to identify both the strong and weak points in a story instead of saying “I liked it” or “It was pretty bad”.
I, for example, never do reviews unless someone asks me directly, because I know I’m not the right person to do it: I don’t pay attention to details and I’m only able to see the overall picture. This means if I like a story, I probably won’t even notice its weak points, but if I don’t like it I can only list examples of how bad it was (in my opinion). That said, I don’t want to offer reviews since I know I couldn’t give many useful advices, but instead I could easily offend people with my honesty. I’m not trying to make an excuse why I personally haven’t replied to your request because I haven’t even seen it, but I’m sure I’m not the only who feels this way. I respect all the reviewers here who are willing to help others and put effort to give detailed, constructive critism. I can imagine it’s not easy and also can’t be done in a few minutes.


It’s really disheartening to see that your disappointed in a community that has helped you out so many times.

You post threads every day asking for directing and script help, and we forum users are always replying giving you the help you need. I’m sorry but you sound a bit ungrateful right now. Like @RudeInception stated above, we forum users do not get paid. We’re not obligated to help you or anyone else, but we do. We take times out of our days answering and reply to threads that call for help for free and because we like to help everyone, so it’s really sad that you had to create this post to complain about the lack of help you’re getting when you get help ALL THE TIME.

Beta testing and read for reads are not simple things to do. It takes time and effort, and not everyone is willing to do this. You’re not the only person to post a thread asking for beta testing/read for reads that gets no replies. Again, people are not obligated to do things for you. If no one wants to best test your story, then there’s nothing you can do about it. You can’t force people to do things for you.

I’m sorry if this came off as rude, but I’m just being honest.


I don’t hold it against you, but I go further off the person that I am, and I am someone who is driven. And when I say that I do something I do it. I have had beta testers who I gave my link to read the story, in the writer portal you can see that nobody has opened it. That I don’t like if you say that you do something do it then. That’s all. Orherwise leave it.

Then maybe you should send that person a private message and discuss it with them, instead of posting about how your disappointed with this community.


It must be my grammar again, i am NOT dissapointed in this community. I love it here, there are somemany people here that already helped me, like yourself. It is the attitude from some people. That’s all.


Just by reading your post, it’s very discouraging to me. People will give you feedback, but don’t expect it right away. It takes time to really see what potential your story has, what errors are there, what characteristics make it unique, that all takes time. People also have everyday lives, and they don’t spend hours and hours on the forums. That’s what being an author is. Sometimes, people publish and they don’t even get any feedback before it. Like myself, I published a story called Being The Youngest (and a mother). I didn’t know anybody in the community, and had no feedback on it whatsoever. The story got 3k reads, with no feedback given. In the community, we make sacrifices and take risks, whether you don’t get any feedback whatsoever, just go for it. You are the starter of your own story, and you cannot blame the choices of others in the community, appreciate that they at least want to help you.


I understand that but my beta testing is done 3 times and it was one month ago. I did not get any reaction and in my writer portal, they say nobody has read it yet. And that is not very fun. I have a family too and 4 kids. I am a psychiatric nurse I don’t have much time either but if someone in here asks me to make a cover or an overlay I will do it as quickly as I can. Otherwise, I don’t start with it.

Would you really want to do that? :kissing_heart:

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that is really nice off you :wink: but ho are we going to do that?