I am dissapointed


Of course.


that is really nice off you :wink: but ho are we going to do that?


Sorry, what do you mean?


there we already have a grammar problem lol :smiley:


I still don’t understand, sorry :joy:


ok i get it you don’t want to understand me!


Why wouldn’t I?!? :woman_facepalming:
For god’s sake woman, please communicate with me, instead of coming up with your own solutions. I’m trying to help ya know


So please explain for me


It’ “how” not ho because ho is something bad :open_mouth:


Sorry but i don’t know what you want anymore i just asked you how whe going to do it and you did not react.


Oh my god. Sure woman. Sorry I didn’t understand at first. PM me and we will continue this.
By the way what I want to do is to help you.


The Writer Portal does not count reads that happened before publishing. Also, we never started the topic about artwork.