I am doing r4r offers!

My Story name is Pia’s love if anyone wants to do r4r just comment i will reply


I’m interested

whats your story name?

Falling for him and author is @hipsy_writes

OK I will read

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Okay I will read yours too

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I am offering to promote you in my story if you promote me in yours!

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I dont understand what it is you mean credit for credit

credit. is acknowledging people did something, like did script temple, or made some art.

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Do you perhaps mean, like, promote other people in your story if they promote you in theirs?

I’m with @line123462 on this one, I don’t really understand “credit for credit” if nothing has been done to warrant credit…?


Yes that’s what I meant I will change the description

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i meant promoting

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Ah, okay. Makes more sense now! :smile:

Helloo we can do a r4r :DD

a 3x3 will be perfect, since i only have 3 chapters out so far hehe
is it okay if u attach a link to your story here? just in case it gets hard to search for it in the app

Title and Link: White Canvas

Author: nayu.ep

Style: LL

Episodes: 3 (more coming soon)

Genre: Romance (1 Love interest, Slowburn, Sweet li, Highschool, Art club aesthetic)

Description: Hiraya’s curiosity led to her befriending someone who bears a strong resemblance to her sketches. Maybe her heart will be painted with warmth during this chance encounter?

Customization: CC except eyecolor and hairstyle texture is limited for MC, Full CC for LI. (No art scenes, MC and her family is full Filipino so customization is limited)

Choices: Gold choices can influence future scenes and ending. No points system.

Instagram: @nayu.ep

Thank you for creating this thread I would love to promote my ongoing story!!

Title: Don’t Fall

Description: Senior year of college is supposed to be the best year ever, that is until Amoura takes a liking to a new student with a deadly secret. CC/ARTSCENES

Genre: Romance

Link: Episode Writer Portal

Chapters: Ongoing 16 published

My Instagram: @/sincity.episode


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Thank you for this thread! If you’d like to do an R4R just PM me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :blush:

Genre: Thriller
# of Episodes: 4 (ongoing)
Story Link: Desperation Story Link

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Here’s my story if you’re interested in a r4r!
story name: Astromagic!
genre: sci-fi
story description: It all started with an astronomy club and spiralled into them saving the world from aliens! Follow these four young adults as they go on amazing adventures! | NO CC |
story link: Episode Writer Portal
here’s the story cover at the moment

yes ofc, I will start reading your story today

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yes i will read it

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i will read it

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