I am finally writing again! I need help

So, I’ve seen going around the “tap to continue” on photos- I wanna know how to do that, can someone please help!

Hi, I can try answering :heart:

Well, they either:

  1. Use a tappable overlay (they can be tapped): A Basic Guide to Tappable Overlays
  2. They set the speechbubble’s scale to 0% and then reset: HOW TO: Have Choices Without Dialogue 🗯 💫 (good for moving onto the next backgrounds with no dialogue being visible)

P.S A readerMessage can be used: Reader Messages / Text Effects Guide Updates

And you can read more about overlays here:

Dara’s website has a lot of helpful guides ^^

Awesome! thank you so much!

No problem :blob_turtle: :blob_hearts: