I am getting confused the to place *


I am writing a fantacy story and I am wanting to write blood in the story. I have been writing it as bl**d and i dont know if that is correct.

Many Thanks

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Hey so I’m not sure but I don’t think blood needs to have any * if your writing out but like I said idk for sure if that is correct or not .

If anything just put one of the * on one of the O’s in blood so it’s like. Blo * d or Bl * od.


I write it as ‘Could that be with the bld in my system?’ this is one of the line or 'He’s been drinking her bld again!’ So that is why I was questioning it. So thank you for your help.

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You don’t need to censor the word blood as it is not a profanity/swear word.

I hope this helps with understand what does need to be censored though as well as the more “mild” words that don’t need a censor. :relaxed: ^

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